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Our team is comprised of experienced executive coaches and organizational development specialists.

At Altus Global Executive Consultants, our mission is to partner with the most talented global executive coaches and consultative organizations, so that we make a difference in the enhancement of leadership quality of the clients we serve.
By doing so, we desire to make our societal contributions to the communities and the world we care for together.

In this values-creating process, we are passionate about becoming your strategic partners. We are committed to driving your business values and sustainability in achieving your desired business results.

We actualize our mission by serving our clients, providing them with the highest-possible forms of customer-focused integrated consulting solutions in the areas of leadership and organizational transformation initiatives through our uniquely blended business models of assessment-based leadership development, executive coaching network, and alliance partners.

Our integrated services are anchored in core values, focusing on exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Our commitment is total in partnership in relentless pursuit of your growth and success.

We look forward to working with you!

Sincerely yours,

Executive Team
Altus Global Executive Consultants
Tokyo・San Francisco

We offer our comprehensive consultative services through:
  • Leadership Assessment

    You want to attract and select the best talent in succession planning. We can help you assess, identify, and employ the best candidate(s) for selection and recommend the best candidate(s) for promotion and development purposes in light of competencies, skills, and behaviors.

  • Executive Coaching

    At Altus Global Executive Consultants, we believe that organizational success depends on its ability and commitment to develop its leaders in continuous pursuit of their excellence. Your leaders are the capital on which you built your business. They are your pillars which support your organizational against competitors, known or unknown. They are the best reasons why you want to invest your resources in them.

  • Leadership Development

    You want to help your leaders at all the levels become their best so that resources on which you build and ensure your organizational
    sustainability. They are the ones who drive your organization for results. They are the best reasons why you want to invest your resources in them.

  • Partnerships

    Do you want to conduct your business activities in foreign markets, particularly in Japan, China, or the US? You may find that your organization may not be ready to establish your legal entity as a for-profit organization due to costs, know-how knowledge, management talents involved or whatever your reasons may be. We can help you form a strategic alliance of partnerships with you, as well as provide you with the necessary support services to bring, deliver, and market your products, programs, or services.